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Write a review on google know more about it


Write a review on google, It’s got a lot of ways, so you
always have to learn the steps to get the best results.
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Write a review on google

1-Review using your computer

Firstly, log in your google account.
You can log in from any google website, involving the google search page
Press the sign in button on the top right corner of the page
And sign in with your username and password

2-look for the business or place

secondly, You can write reviews for attractions, businesses and other places
Due to write a review using a mobile, you will open the location’s info in google maps and use the rate and review

3-search for the existing reviews.

thirdly, When you watch the establishment in the search results
You will watch a star rating as well as the number of reviews that have been written

4-tap the write a review button or link

fourthly, Leaning on how you searched for the establishment, you may have several options for writing a new review
Press on the link or button to open the review form

The link will be next to the star rating in your search results, while the button will arrive underneath the establishment’s name in the sidebar in google search

5-give the location a star rating

Reviews come in two parts:

fifthly, The star rating and the written review. Most people who watch your review will look at the star rating first, therefore you have to make sure that it matches your feelings about the location

-you can give from 1 to 5 stars
It will average into all of the star reviews, making the review that seeing from google search of the location

6-write your review

sixth, You can write the written portion. Use this space to editorial your experience with the location

7-publish your review

seventh, Click the publish button to publish it to the web
The review will have your name and a link to your google+profile

Review using your smartphone

1-Launch your smartphone’s web browser. You can use any web browser installed on your mobile

2-go to google’s main web page
Type google’s address in the search bar of your browser

3-looking for the establishment you want to review
Write the name of the place you want to review into google search box, press the enter key to load the results

4-begin the review progress
The right side of the results page will feature the one
Scroll down until you see a box

5-log into your google account

6-choose the star rating you would give the experience.
All the stars are fully, therefore just tap where appropriate, with 5 stars being the highest

7-press the box below the star button and write your review into the field

8-press the publish

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