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Xiaomi Mi 6 worldwide refresh presents to Oreo, a huge number of improvements, and that’s just the beginning

Xiaomi Mi 6 worldwide refresh presents to Oreo, a huge number of improvements, and that’s just the beginning. Bound to happen now, however Oreo is taking off to Xiaomi’s mid 2017 lead. Notwithstanding the Android form knock, this refresh brings along an entire slew of new highlights, fixes, and advancements – all under MIUI 9 – for the Mi 6.

Here is the monster changelog:


  • Optimization – Android 8.0 update (02-12)
  • Optimization – Protection from unintentional tapping for Dial pad (02-12)


  • Optimization – Android 8.0 update (02-12)
  • Fix – Apps changed Wi-Fi connection status without the user’s permission (02-12)
  • Fix – Apps stopped working in the background (02-12)
  • Fix – WhatsApp force closed in Split screen (02-12)
Xiaomi Mi 6


Fix – DTMF issues in the wake of stopping VoLTE video calls (02-12)

App Lock

New – Added the App bolt advance before opening utilizing another unique mark out of the blue (02-12)


  • New – Added the App bolt advance before opening utilizing another unique mark out of the blue (02-12)
  • Improvement – Protection from accidental tapping for Dial cushion (02-12)
  • Fix – Contact scan didn’t work legitimately for Russian and Ukranian (02-12)


  • Fix – OTP messages were gathered with warning SMS (02-12)
  • Fix – Time in Messaging didn’t change when the framework was changed to 12-hour design (02-12)
  • Fix – Messages with one-time passwords vanished (02-12)
  • Erase – Adjustments for Messaging: benefit and promo SMS, booked SMS, and gathering messages. (02-12)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar

  • Enhancement – Vibration for notices amid calls (02-12)
  • Enhancement – Notification shade reaction (02-12)
  • Fix – Brightness bar wasn’t shown in its position (02-12)
  • Fix – A white bar appeared in the Notification shade (02-12)
  • Fix – Lock screen backdrop wasn’t appeared now and again (02-12)
  • Fix – Notification shade issues (02-12)
  • Fix – The pursuit bar in the Notification shade wasn’t shown accurately (02-12)
  • Fix – Wallpaper Carousel couldn’t stack online assets (a Play Store refresh was required) (02-12)

Home screen

  • New – Animated symbols for chose applications in the default subject (02-12)
  • Improvement – RAM data isn’t appeared in Recents as a matter of course. Go to Settings > Home screen and Recents to turn it on. (02-12)
  • Improvement – Animation for clearing store (02-12)
  • Improvement – Adjusted the catch for clearing memory in Recents (02-12)
  • Improvement – Swipe reaction (02-12)
  • Improvement – Folders open quicker (02-12)
  • Improvement – Users can set their fundamental Home screen in the altering mode (02-12)
  • Improvement – New movement for propelling and shutting applications (02-12)
  • Fix – Couldn’t close Recents sometimes (02-12)
  • Fix – Home screen symbols weren’t shown appropriately (02-12)
Xiaomi Mi 6


  • Improvement – Redesigned landing page (02-12)
  • Improvement – Updated Peach bloom and Asphalt subjects (02-1)

That is a considerable rundown of stuff. This telephone has had Oreo for a brief period now (just in beta shape), yet I haven’t had issues with the Oreo betas on any of my Xiaomi gadgets — I haven’t tried the report on my Mi 6 yet (it’s running a custom ROM right now). Regardless of February being relatively finished, at any rate Xiaomi is getting the refresh out to the worldwide stable track.

You can streak the new form either by means of fastboot or recuperation, both of which require their own particular separate documents.


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