All what you need to know about Android smartphones


android Smartphones are a phone that helps you to do more than calls or texts
Smartphones can run software program like a computer
and It uses a touch screen and many apps like a game, pictures and other apps

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Android smartphones


What can smartphones do?

There are many features of smartphones
1-Take, show, and store pictures and video
2-Browse the Internet
3-Record and play audio and music
4-Voice dictation and take notes
5-use a social media sites
6-Virtual assistant using Siri and Google Assistant

Does a smartphone have an operating system?

above all, It includes an operating system in it as Windows or macOS. The four most common are iOS (created by Apple), android and windows phones.

What type of storage medium is used in a smartphone?

firstly, Smartphones use flash memory to store apps
and The flash memory  built into the phone
Some of it has a flash memory card slot and designing for SD card
also, it utilizes external storage

When was the first smartphone released?

It was launched by IMB in 1992
and It includes maps, news feeds, and stock quotes
This phone was the first official smartphone, with capabilities to send and receive e-mails

How to restart or shut down a smartphone or tablet?

It is very useful for many reasons.
and You can repair minor errors associated with various apps

And restarting fully closes apps that you may not know are still running after that comes improving performance
when your phone or tablet powers back on again

Android smartphones and tablets

1-Press and hold the power button
2-then select Restart or Power off
3-the phone closes all open applications and then restarts itself
The Power off option – This option shuts down the device fully

Popular vendors and manufacturers

above all, The best smartphone hardware manufacturers are Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Lenovo — including Motorola Oppo and several others

In 2019 huawei created many smartphones.
Also, Samsung company is added devices such as Samsung galaxy note 9 and Samsung galaxy S9

Apple is the only vendor that builds the iPhone for its iOS operating system.

Smartphone use in the enterprise

firstly BlackBerry is the first popular smartphones
smartphones added more advanced productivity features, security techniques and integrations

also Businesses can adopt enterprise mobility management (EMM) tools to control this use and develop BYOD policies to govern what users can do with their smartphones





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