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Zenbo robot is the latest intelligent robot to be unveiled by ASUS in the show of “computex”

Asus, during its exclusive Zenvolution event, held in Computex Taipei, unveiled its Zenbo robot.

Zenbo, described as the surprise of the show and the “nicest home robot,” is a friendly and qualified home robot. It designed to help, entertain and accompany families and is designed to meet the needs of the whole family in this age of widespread computing, the company said in a statement. As reported by the Arab technical news portal. The Zenbo robot can help at home and interact with it easy and fun.  Zenbo provides developers with access to the Android SDK so developers can bring their applications to it.

The Taiwanese company, which today also unveiled three smart phones from the ZenFone 3 family, plans to sell the Zenbo home help robot for $ 599.

Zenbo robot the latest intelligent robot in home

A new technology from ASUS is now available in the Zenbo robot. Which features features designed to support older people to control home technology, or in emergencies. With a distinctive design and price of $ 599, which comes with eye-catching design with features that provide support to the user or as a child’s companion . Enjoyable entertainment, where the robot can connect and control smart devices to support the user.

Asus emphasized that the Android comes with free navigation features, voice commands from the user, as well as a face touch pad, as a smart interface for the robot through which video calls, online shopping, and live streaming feature can be played online.


The Zenbo robot comes with features designed to support older people to control home technology

Zenbo robot designed for everyone, but has a specific function that helps senior family members protect their health and luxury. As well as enjoy digital lives connected, according to the company’s statement.

As a home care assistant, Asus says, Zenbo can provide important, convenient, and meaningful reminders of important information proactively. Such as doctor appointments, medications, exercise schedules, and anything else that needs to mention.

Zenbo also monitors the home for emergencies such as falls. To immediately respond to these cases by informing specific family members on their smartphones, no matter where they are.

Family members can dominance Zenbo remotely to move nearby and use the consolidated Zenbo camera to lose their loved ones with their eyes,when they extradite an emergency notification,

Zenbo robot
Zenbo robot

Asus says Zenbo robot used as a friendly companion for all family members

Zeno can be used as a friendly companion to help bridge the digital divide between generations by facilitating the completion of a variety of tasks on the Internet. This including video calls, social media, shopping and video streaming services using voice commands and assistance Directed.

Kids can use Zenbo to listen to their favorite sound recordings, and can use it as a companion to tell interactive stories and educational games. They can warn you and contact you if your kids are in a dangerous position. Asus claims that Zenbo can learn over time .It becomes better for your lifestyle.

finally, The new Asus home help robot supports the connection to smart home appliances to control them. It including lighting, television, air conditioning, and the house door. Then he is able to help the kitchen by reading recipes, and temporary.

When you leave the house, Zenbo plays an important role in maintaining its safety and security, as it acts as a remote control camera that  controlled from anywhere.

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